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 Ronald Turner (' 63)

"Ronald Turner and the Fashion Statement"
 Contemporary Smooth Jazz Artists

2004 Release: It's All About Love


 Jason Miccolo Johnson ('74)

Jason Miccolo Johnson Photographers, LLC
Editorial, Portraiture and Photojournalism

Web Site

Jason Miccolo Johnson Profile

Soul Sanctuary Web Site
"Images of the African American Worship Experience"

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  Donna Derden ('81)

A Novel: Like Catfish and a Big Red Drink

"Like Catfish and a Big Red Drink" is a novel for those who remember what it was like growing up in the South, and for those who never knew.

I'm telling you, raising eight black children in Memphis, Tennessee during the 1940's, 50's & 60's wasn't easy.  At least, that's what Momma and Daddy always say.  But they did it by the grace of God and a firm hand on our rear ends if you got out of line.

We are the DeVaults, a strong, close-knit family of ten, including Momma 'nem. When we moved into an upper-class neighborhood in South Memphis, most people didn't want us around.  "That's too many people for a 2-bedroom house" one neighbor complained.   In light of that, Momma made all of us stay in our own yard and keep the racket to bare minimum.  Having only each other to play with made us very close. When you see one DeVault, you usually saw another.  That's how we were raised.  We went together "Like Catfish and a Big Red Drink" ISBN: 978-0-9801177-0-7.


 John B. Smith ('62)

A Hip-Hop Vision of Love and the Battle of Good Verses Evil !


Archangel:  This whirlwind hip-hop romance novel is packed with drama and mystery played out against the backdrop of good verses evil. Archangelís hero develops an unexpected bond with a beautiful but mysterious woman he encounters in the mountains of Virginia. Hoping to avoid disaster, he dives head-long into a roller coaster ride of passion and deception.

Bedazzled by what could be Luciferís temptress and besieged by demons, our hero is caught in a web of intrigue and treachery. Unclear whether the mysterious woman is a sinner or a saint, circumstances force an alliance that swings between the hope of true love and the possible doom of our star-crossed hero. 

On the run from the law, while trying to stay one step ahead of the evil that is hot on their trail, the plot thickens as the real mystery slowly unfolds. This cliff-hanger poses the question, can true love overpower greed, envy and the lust for power or will evil draw our unwitting but love struck hero into itís devious web of temptation, lust and deception. The answer for those who love great romance, gripping mystery and spellbinding drama lies between the pages of Archangelís rewarding journey.  ISBN: 978-0-9660110-7-4.


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