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 Carver HS Alumni


Cobra Alumni Profiles

Vera Averyhart, '65: Biochemist/College Administrator Email
Mitchell Brown '62: Engineering/Management Consultant Email Web Site
Lawrence "Larry" Cox, '63: Educational Administrator Email
Eric Jerome Dickey, '79: Engineer/Author Email Web Site
Otis Elder, '62: Horticulturist (1944 - 2006)
Joyce Gates, '61: Lawyer/Arbiter/Mediator Email
Shirley Hill, '62: Educator, Community Leader Email
Alvertis Hollister, '61: Engineer Email
Jason Miccolo Johnson, '74: Photographer/Author Email Web Site
Jerry Johnson, '62: Educator/Athletics Coach Email
Mitchell Saddler,'73: Technical Supervisor Email
Marlene Shaw, '62: Dental Hygienist/Administrator Email
Barbara Morris, '62: Educator Email
Joe Towns: Tennessee State Elected Official Email
McAuthur Roberts, '62: Educator/Athletics Coach
Donald Turner, '63: Music Educator Email
Ronald Turner, '63: Educator/Musician Email Web Site
Rev. Ralph White: Protestant Minister Email


 G. W. Carver National Alumni Association Meetings

GWC National Alumni Association meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month September through June of each year.  The meetings are held at Bloomfield Baptist Church located at 105 So. Parkway West. No meetings are held during the months of July and August.  The meetings begin promptly at 12 Noon and last until approximately 1:30 PM.  Association monthly meetings are open to the general public and both Carver HS alumni as well as other community members are urged to attend.  

Click here to get GWCNAA membership application.


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